OJAn opposition political leader has reiterated his readiness to launch peaceful protest in the Gambia, stressing it’s about time that he exercised his constitutional rights.

Over the years, Gambian police have repeatedly denied opposition their constitutional right to hold peaceful demonstration in the country. But Omar Amadou Jallow said it was about time the opposition fight for their right to protest peacefully.

“I have made it clear on tour [in United States and United Kingdom] that I will consult with my colleagues upon arrival in the country,” Mr. Jallow said, insisting, “It is our inalienable right protest.” He could not understand why only the ruling Alliance for Patriotic, Re-orientation and Construction party of President Yahya Jammeh only enjoy the right to protest.

“When the APRC supporters have a right to demonstrate for Jammeh not to adhere to the 17-points of the European Union, why we as citizen cannot invoke that same provision of the Constitution and demonstrate in favor of the EU?

“As opposition parties, we have a right to demonstrate as stipulated in the Constitution, if we sit on our rights we are making Jammeh more powerful.”



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