OJThe Coordinator of the ousted People’s Progressive Party (PPP) of Sir Dawda Jawara has made a video address to Gambians.

In the less than 15 minutes video broadcast posted on YouTube and linked here, Omar Amadou Jallow spoke on how a group of disgruntled soldiers forced their way into power by removing a democratically elected government. He made comparisons of the PPP era when the Gambia was touted the Champion of democracy, the rule of law and human rights. Mr. Jallow said an opposite has been prevailing since President Yahya Jammeh ascended to power. Omar Jallow also spoke about the high cost of living and suffering Gambian people are going through.

Jallow’s final message was an appeal to Gambians to rally behind the opposition “so that we will for once get rid of the dictatorship and replace it with a government that will respect the rule of law, democracy and human rights.”

With a united opposition, the former Agriculture Minister in the ousted regime was confident of opposition victory in the 2016 presidential elections. He therefore called for a united opposition in a bid to field a single candidate against the man who wants to rule the Gambia forever.



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