omar jallowThe Coordinator of the People’s Progressive Party has reiterated the need for the opposition to fight together as one people to get rid of what he called “this accidental history.”

Omar Amadou Jallow expressed his party’s willingness to coalesce with other opposition parties to “once and for all vote Yahya Jammeh from power.”

Mr. Jallow told a Maryland PPP resuscitation meeting that Gambians need to do something worthwhile about how to dislodge President Jammeh democratically. “If we don’t do something worthwhile, the dark cloud that shines in Sierra Leone and elsewhere will shine on our country.”

The former Agriculture Minister in the ousted government of Sir Dawda Jawara touted the “mature leadership of the PPP.” He drew a stark contrast between the PPP and the ruling APRC party of President Jammeh. He said the ousted party respects and nurtures the Gambia’s jealously guarded culture of peace and tranquility. “That’s why Sir Dawda has never fired any minister. He executed only Mustapha Danso who shot Commander Mahoney to death but was commuted to life. Kukoi [leader of the 1981 rebellion] came and freed Danso.” Mr. Jallow described President Jammeh’s execution of 9 people in 18 years as unacceptable.

“The PPP is a party that was started by people from the bottom; people who felt their rights to vote were not respected.” He said “our mission here is to revive not only the party but to inject a new spirit in all those who believe in leadership, human rights and good governance program for the country we all came from.”



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