OJThe leader of the ousted People’s Progressive Party (PPP) has taken a swipe on President Yahya Jammeh for celebrating 20th anniversary of a coup d’état that resulted to the downfall of a constitutionally elected government of the Gambia.

In a video broadcast embedded on our website, Omar Amadou Jallow described President Jammeh’s ten-day celebration of July 1994 in grand style as “reckless and unnecessary.” He said the celebration the July 22nd coup d’état anniversary is a serious demonstration of President Jammeh’s serious disregard for the Gambia’s republican status.

Mr. Jallow, a former minister of the deposed PPP government, said celebrating what has left a dent on the Gambia’s history is an insult on Gambians.

Jallow also raised concerns about what he called “mass exodus of Gambian youth in search of greener pastures.”

Click on the video broadcast and hear Omar Jallow’s address in full.



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