Please allow me space to weigh in on the unauthorised so-called demonstration #occupywestfied which was scheduled for last Saturday.
First and foremost I want to ask the organisers why they want occupywestfield now. The choice of words, place and time is very central in this case because the word occupy can be translated in many ways both positive and negative. In this particular case to my view the hastag #occupywestfield is well premeditated and far from random. It is provocative, belligerent and could create unintended and unnecessary tension within our beloved country and among citizens. In today’s Gambia one doesn´t need to “occupy” a vital central portion of the country with the mere intention to paralyze everything. What is needed in the New Gambia which in fact is already happening is tangible dialog and peaceful expression of our grievances, if there are any. Remember, we just put in place a new government of the people barely ten months ago; a government that is listening to the people and engaging citizens. Yes, I agree to the fact that demonstrate is a right which should not be compromised but equally there has to be responsibility as well. In a given democracy, one’s right to demonstrate can equally be a violation of someone else’s right. This is why the authorities involved in issuing permits namely the police usually weigh in many different possible scenarios in advance, and normally come to a conclusion on when and how to issue permits for specific demonstrations. This is a universal standard in all civilized nations, including the USA where these so-called advocators of this provocative hastag #occupywestfield reisde. That the Gambian police of today unlike Yaya Jammehs´s era can deny permit for a given demonstration is constitutionally correct and it is duty bound on the police to apply that part of the constitution when deemed necessary without breaking any laws. Public safety should not be under any threat. Nothing should also cause destruction of properties. I therefore have trust in the decision and judgement of our law enforcement.
In conclusion, let it be simply clear to those bent on underming our newly and hard fought freedom that we will never stand idle when ever this caolition government under the able leadship of H.E Adama Barrow comes to an attack without reasonable grounds. Equally we will hold the government accountable but, under no cicumstnaces would we allow them to be vilify for some gruntle and dishonest individuals to justify their prejudices.
There is no discrimnation when it comes to the supply and providing of electricity in the Gambia which can warrant a demonstration like the one mentioned above. The electricity shortage in the Gambia is a national problem affecting all citizens and therefore is need for a national solution and if possible even an international solution. The whole Gambia is affected by this power shortage problem and I cannot understand why some disgruntled and slefish individuals want to use this as a political tool. We all know that something big is in the pipeline when it comes to solving the Gambia’s electricity problem once and for all.We have to believe that we can change our precarious electricity problem. As Presidebt Barrow put it: Forward Gambia, Backward Never.By Alhagi Touray
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