Students maimed by April 10 & 11 events

Students maimed by April 10 & 11 events


The NTCG mourns and unequivocally condemned the brutal killing of students 15 years ago by the security forces under the directives of Dictator Yaya Jammeh. This day and on the day that prefixes it on April 10th &11th respectively of the year 2000, Yaya Jammeh ordered the maiming of over 14 innocent students including Omar Barrow a Red Cross volunteer. Whilst many others were left with terminal injuries to the point of being crippled.

The incident was provoked when a male student was abused with cement as a form of interrogation leading to his subsequent demise in the hands of some Fire officers stationed in Brikama and another a female was allegedly raped by officers of the Police Intervention Unit at the outskirts of the Independence Stadium during an annual High/Senior Secondary Schools’ Sports Competition in Bakau. The allegations were reported to the authorities but nothing was seen to be done pertaining the matter. This led the students to take to the streets in a peaceful demonstration in an indication of their anger.

Nonetheless, the demonstration was quickly misconstrued into an opposition incitement by the foolhardy government of Yaya Jammeh culminating into a heavy-handed clampdown to on students. The process became extensively aggressive inflicting the students with deaths and injuries. Heartbreakingly sadly, there was barely any investigation into the matter. And up to today there is no justice for the departed souls.

Departed Students! NTCG will always be proud of you. You are always in our thoughts and your deaths shall never remain in vain.

We will always remember your staunch promotion for equal rights, and the positive values and beliefs you had for the Republic of The Gambia.

Rest In Peace compatriots! May Allah store you all in the best parts of Janna’h until we meet in the hereafter.

Shiekh Sidia BAYO


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