Jammeh’s final hours in a country he had claimed to have owned!

Thank you Mr Mai Fatty for this very important clarification. It will be blanket amnesty and defeat for democracy, constitutionalism and rule of law if exiled Yahya Jammeh has been offered a sweetheart deal. I nearly have heart attack when I read that draft. Yahya Jammeh must not, under any circumstances, be granted blanket amnesty.

I am sure President Adama Barrow is surrounded by seasoned and experienced citizens with greater sense of patriotism and deep sense of advocacy for justice and the rule of law. If Jammeh has any such sweetheart deal, it will be betrayal and disregard for all the sacrifices people have made all these years. If any such sweetheart deal was given to the despicable tyrant, it will set our country and sub-region for full blown tribal insurgency and continuous barbaric tribal hegemony rebellion in the Cassamance and its extension into our country. Jammeh must be liquidated and rendered irrelevant in our politics and economic activities for the rest of his life. His comeback into our country’s political dispensation is tantamount to creating instability and destruction of peace and democracy. That simply means giving him the opportunity to completing his unfinished mission of exterminating the Mandinka ethnic group. Yahya Jammeh must be accountable to Gambian people by facing justice. Beides, all his ill-gotten wealth must be recovered for the benefits of the citizenry. Having any sympathy or mercy for Yahya Jammeh is like endorsing all the atrocities he had committed during his 22 years of dictatorship. He must be extradited when the new government settle down so that he can face justice. As soon as the new government settle down, we have to embark on a mission of calling for his extradition to face justice in the Gambia. Yahya Jammeh must not  be allowed to live a comfortable life in anywhere on planet earth. He must swallow his own bitters pills. The disgraced former leader is a despicable soul who was imported into our country. Now that he has been dejected and expelled from the country, we must continue to advocate for justice for his victims and their families.




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