No one – not even legal luminaries – understand the rationale behind the conviction and subsequent sentencing of Gambian opposition leadership and supporters who were arrested and detained for merely calling for the release of their detained colleague dead or alive. Ebrima Solo Sandeng was not only brutally murdered but his family was also denied the right to provide him a decent burial. Any decent and law-abiding government would have released the remanded opposition detainees, investigate into the death of Mr. Sandeng and opened the door of healing. Even after admitting the death in custody of Sandeng, Yahya Jammeh regime remains adamant in its determination to lock up innocent people. None can strengthen Yahya Jammeh’s cruel mission other than his Mercenary Nigerian Judges. The outcome of the case is disturbing to everyone, including the President of Nigerian Bar Association. In this chat with RFI’s Daniel Finnan, Augustine Alegeh said it is disturbing to jail a leading opposition politician and 18 of his supporters for three years for unlawful assembly. Ousainou Darboe of the United Democratic Party was arrested after taking part in a peaceful protest. Alegeh said he does not know anything about Justice Eunice O. Dada, a former Magistrate of Cross River State in Nigeria. He would not talk about the case until he reads the judge’s verdict.



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