Jammeh and SaballyApart from parading him on the busy business streets of Banjul, agents of the National Intelligence Agency have also reportedly denied Momodou Sabally access to family food. The former high profile government official was shackled as the agents escorted him to and from the State House for an unclear mission.

A source close to the Sabally family coroborated that “his famly was not even allowed to serve Momodou Sabally food.” The source added that the feared agents asked Sabally’s family thus:”do you think Sabally is in a hotel?” It has been two weeks since President Yahya Jammeh struck his electric broom on his former propaganda in chief who calls himself the Gambian Pen.

Momodou Sabally’s firing preceded his arrest, marathon interrogation and subsequent detention at the NIA headquarters in Banjul. The Jammeh regime has since kept the loudmouth man who has lost everything in less than a week incommunicado.

As rotten as he might be, Kairo News thinks it is prudent to follow the story of Momodou Sabally and where necessary, raise the red flag against the dictatorial regime. Sabally too is a Gambian citizen whose constitutional rights must be protected. Unfortunately, that has not been the case as evidenced by the government’s refusal to charge and arraign him before a competent court of law within 72 hours. The regime’s parading of Mr. Sabally in public is another violation of his rights. That’s like convicting a person in a public court.

As watchdogs, we cannot sit back and allow the laws of the lands to be flouted. We therefore urged the gambia government to respect the rights of Momodou Sabally by arraigning him before the courts or release him immediately. Under the eyes of the law, everyone, including Momodou Sabally, is equal.

However, Sabally and all other Jammeh cohorts would have been spared the trouble and public embarrassment if they heeded to our free advice. But they chose to blindly follow the man who would laugh with them one minute and hang them the next minute. Here is a leader believes does not err or mistaken for even a second. None of them can say they have not been forewarned. Ends


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