MadikeyBy Yaya Dampha

Another Gambian has been detained beyond 72–hour without being charged, a flagrant violation of the constitution. Madikey Faal, a former officer of the National Intelligence Agency (NIA), was arrested by NIA agents on February 16, 2016. Mr. Fall’s arrest and subsequent detention occurred after he had reported to the headquarters of the state security agency in Banjul. 

Kairo News sources said Mr. Faal visited the NIA after he had received phone call that he was needed there. Having known the habit of his former colleagues, Faal decided to alert some people, including his wife before he had left.  

After hours of not seeing or hearing from him, Madikeh’s wife walked to the agency’s office demanding to know the whereabouts of her husband. At first she was told her husband was held at the NIA. The agents blinked when Mrs. Faal insisted that her husband had responded to NIA’s phone invitation and that he had not returned or reached by phone. It was then that secret agents on duty confirmed Madikay’s detention at the NIA.

Madikay Faal is an ex-soldier of original Gambia National Army who joined the NIA in 1995. Faal was detained for three months and dismissed from the NIA. He was released only after his family paid over two hundred thousand Dalasis.  


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