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Neocolonialism and dialectical materialism is blamed for the continued prevalence of autocrats and tyrants in Africa even after more than half a century of independence.
The African elite is excused for the fundamental fault lines in not being able to uplift the masses from abject poverty, maladministration, selfishness, illiteracy, fatalistic beliefs and corruption.
The blame is placed squarely at the doors of former colonial master. The Pan-Africanist will still make us accept that tyranny, dictatorship and oppression take their roots from the colonial experience.
Kairo News and Radio will ignite this debate, putting Gambian scholars and intellectuals at the forefront of confronting this idealism. We ask whether it is about time we took ownership of our destiny and stop blaming the neocolonialist mindset and press ahead with needed dialogue centered at our doors? Can the African intellectual fill the gap of becoming the vanguards of progressive thinking and inclusive political dialogue, foster friendship and the love for knowledge and its benefit rather than the ambitions to glamour for position around autocrats and tyrants?
We will invite several scholars to express their opinion on this issues. Your thoughts on this very vital and essential topic is crucial.
A selected Gambian scholars are approached to express their thoughts on the topic at hand. It is our hope that whether they have time to appear on radio or not, they will write something for esteemed readers.
Where does our blame lies in the current problems of Africa/Gambia? Some African countries have started moving on whilst others are still trapped in the game of blaming the Imperialist. For how long we have to embark on this blame game?


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