ndure-cham1“…nothing remains permanent except Allah’s Supremacy and that your presidency will one day come to an end.

The Gambia’s second republic government is good at putting the public in the dark. The regime keeps news of public interest under the carpet and continues to do so even when it becomes public knowledge. Gambians are only informed when the regime has something to sell. It is all about controlling information and narrative. Many atimes the Jammeh regime will tell the story but at the same time avoid sharing new developments with the public. The story of the fugitive Army Chief of Staff Col. Ndure Cham falls into this category. Col. Cham made news for masterminding the March 21st 2006 abortive coup whose aftermath resulted to the execution of some senior security officers. They included the former Director General of the Nstional Intelligence Agency Daba Marena. For months, the government provided countless stories on Col. Cham.

However, the same government remained tight-lipped about the arrest of Col. Cham. Any goverment that believes in the rule of law and justice will convene news conference and provide updates. But in Yahya Gambia it is normal to summarily execute a detainee and close the chapter, which happened capture in Col. Cham’s case.

Kairo News has been launching investigation into Ndure Cham’s captute, detention and execution. Our impeccable sources who participated in the “most brutal execution of Cham” said the former army chief was arrested in his home village of Numu Kunda in North Nanl Region on August 9th 2013. The capture resulted from a tip-off by the village alkalo. “He feared the consequences of not reporting the frequent sneaking of Ndure in his village,” said a source. Ndure spent one week in solitary confinement until his execution at President Yahya Jammeh’s home village of Kanilai.

“Col. Ndure Cham was badly tortured and decapitated slowly by the Jungulars until he died,” said a source who witnessed the execution. Our source said Ndure was has had his body parts sliced and chopped off in pieces. “President Yahya Jammeh was at the execution site giving orders. He bragged to Cham that whoever betrayed him will ultimately find himself in hos (Jammeh’s) net. He mocked at Cham saying he has more powerful supernatural knowledge than Ndure’s lying marabouts.”

Though in great pains, Cham remained defiant and unshaken. He told President Jammeh thus: “nothing remains permanent except Allah’s Supremacy and that your presidency will one day come to an end.”

Without uttering a single word, Yahya Jammeh turned his back on Col. Cham, raging with anger.

Kairo News will soon write a story on why the March 21st coup had failed.



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