A Gambian navy commander declared wanted by the government has fled with his family, Kairo News sources confirmed.

Lt. Commander Momodou Badjie, an Administrative Officer of the Gambia Navy, is declared wanted by the government after efforts to ascertain his whereabouts were fruitless.

In a televised statement, Badjie was accused of misappropriating substantial amount of money belong to the Gambia Armed Forces. The public had been warned against sheltering “a fugitive from justice.”

Kairo News had earlier greeted the news with suspicion until the chaff was extracted from the wind. We have since been putting our sources to work.

Our sources confirmed that Lt. Commander fled with his entire family except his two sons who were left behind in his Brikama residence. Before this development, it was earlier rumoured that Badjie had escaped. “Momodou Badjie kept a low profile life and went on life as usual for weeks before leaving the country quietly,” said a source.

All our sources doubted the government’s allegations that the former Navy Commander had misappropriated state funds. They described him as “a very easy going, humble and honest man who does not have the heart to make life unbearable for others.”

One military official doubted how Badjie would have access to money when “Colonel Momodou Bah is in charge of all army finances. The story does not add up because Badjie is not a signatory to army accounts.”

Our sources added that Badjie was born in Southern Senegal. “His parents sent him to the Gambia to acquire western education. He had acquired education, taught for some years at Alpha Khan Secondary School before he joined the army,” one source said.

Lt. Commander Badjie is reported to have been spotted in the Senegalese capital Dakar.



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