I wish to use your widely read newspaper to register my views on the recent developments concerning Hon. Halifa Sallah’s criticisms of the Gambia government, during his UK visit, and the subsequent government response entitled “Barrow hits back at Halifa” in your Friday 20/10/17 edition.

I am not at all surprised by the pejorative stance and castigations of the Barrow government by Hon. Halifa Sallah. If anything, I am rather vindicated on my January predictions about Hon Sallah. Gambians would recall the fact that unlike his then fellow Coalition leaders, Halifa conspicuously refused to accept any of the positions that President Adama Barrow offered him. I remembered summing up my take of Halifa’s blatant snub at the time, as he was not only shying away from collective responsibility of fixing the mess they inherited in rebuilding our nation but he also created a dubious conspiracy to eventually became quick in pointing finger. In fact, I told people here in London that Halifa’s decision to reject position coupled with his  conspicuous plot to back-stab we’re betrayal of the Coalition agenda. Halifa has proved me right. What stopped Halifa from taking responsibility like his colleagues and show Gambian his true practical nation building values is anyone’s guess? Easier said than done, isn’t it?

However, it is reassuring and impressive that His Excellency, the President and his government aptly cleared that toxic air before it was contaminated by baseless derogatory denigrations that are geared towards distorting the true picture of the state of affairs of the government that took over a broken and destabilised economy. Gambians are now awake and too clever to be fooled by cheap propaganda. If Hon. Sallah is so keen to effect changes in the socio-economic and political well-beings of Mother Gambia, he should have joined the ‘’COALITION OF THE WILLING’’ that formed the Barrow government. In as much as President Barrow and the good people of the Gambia deem Halifa competent and capable, they also believe that no one is indispensable. Let Hon. Sallah not ruin his initial good work by perpetually conflicting himself in the eyes and minds of the good people of the Gambia. Make no mistake about the fact that President Barrow is the Gambian people’s choice and any attempt to undermine him and his government would not be forgiven.

Long live the Gambia, long live President Barrow and the Coalition of the willing.

Alh Yahya Ceesay



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