Jammeh and Sabally

Jammeh uses educated Gambians at will!

By Papa Kumba Loum

I do not have any personal grudge(s) against Mr Sabally despite that fact that I probably think that he has an exaggerated sense of his intelligence and importance. My point has always been that many Gambians and especially those who join the Jammeh government are hypocrites, immature and treacherous.

After 20 years of moronic rule by Jammeh, we all know who and what Jammeh is all about. Even Dida Halake the pan-African who harbours support for “radical African leaders” and one time supporter of Jammeh realised that Jammeh was immature and a gonner.

My beef with Gambians is that I have time and time witnessed supposedly educated Gambians join this despotic and tyrannical regime which has murdered, tortured and falsely imprisoned many and looted our meagre national resources.

All these guys and their families and friends know what Jammeh is doing to Gambians and yet they not only turn a blind eye to these atrocities but even go out and defend it in public -the likes of Ngogu Bah, Pa Harry Jammeh, Sabaly, Lamin Jobarteh, Joseph Woowo, Ousman Badjie etc, etc, etc. It is only when karma catches up with them do we hear them, their families, friends and tribesmen etc,etc start crying foul. You see it is ok to them when Jammeh and his thugs shoot and kill others, unlawfully confiscates the properties of others, falsely imprisons others so long it does to affect them. Now this is the Gambia we live in. So you guys out there spare me with your demented conscience about “two wrong don’t make a right…”  I think my point has always been clear. The evil that they do lives after them regardless whether you are a Mandika, Wollof, Fulla, Aku, friend, relative or foe. I rest my case.



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