The architect of deportation faux!

The man in the picture above has been busted more than a week after he had thrown Gambians into state of panic. Morikebba Camara, a native of Nyakoi Kerewan in Upper River Region, abused his rhetoric eloquence to spark fake news that the Gambia’s governing coalition government has forged a secret deal with the German authorities to deny Gambian immigrants employment opportunities before deporting them home.

“I was among immigrants at a refugee camp in Germany who contributed our little money and supported the coalition until former President Yahya Jammeh was defeated,” Mr. Camara said in a widely circulated audio. “We have also called on our families and friends to vote for the coalition thinking a change of government would solve our problems. But that was never the case because the UDP led coalition government has told the German government to deny Gambians the right to work. They have seized work permits of Gambian immigrants,” Camara said, explaining how he had regretted supporting a coalition that dashed his hopes.

Morrikebba’s audio message had created firestorm online, with opponents of the coalition government turning their daggers at Foreign Affairs Minister Lawyer Ousainou Darboe, blaming him for everything under the hot sun. The issue had soon turned into a political football, especially on of social media. Some gullible Gambians even tribalised it. None of the venom spitters bothered to authenticate the credibility of the message and the messenger.

The UDP social media activists would not sit by and allow the haters to destroy their party and its leader. They went into full swing underground investigation until last night when their efforts paid off. Woohoo! Morikebba Camara has had his cover blown. The next minute his picture flooded the internet. In reality, the false peddling man is not living at a refugee camp. Camara has lived with his family in Germany for over 30 years. Besides, Morikebba Camara has never been an opposition supporter. He has been and still a strong member of the ousted APRC. He has in fact named his child after former President Yahya Jammeh.

Most people wonder why an elderly person of Camara’s caliber would stoop so low. His action is measured to rally Gambians against voting for the UDP in the April 6th National Assembly elections.



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