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Dembo-by-force is right. Sheriff read the poem at our Bakau bantaba on the day he wrote it in Daily Observer. Sheriff said ‘dotted strange cub’ is Hyena Jammeh and the APRC are all liars. That is why the poem is called ‘canny lie’ instead of kanilai. The lion pride is PPP and UDP. Lion king is Jawara.

Modou Njie BAKAU




By Sheriff Bojang

Daily Observer Entertainment Mar 26, 2005, 09:11


Canny Lie


It was all peace in our little pride

Until the day that strange cub came

Where we were silver plain he was dotted

And where our manes flow, he was bald

Even when we gave him a tiara of dried leaves

His strangeness shone with more egrigity

But we accepted him for his verve

Although we do not know the strange cub

He was a most rococo vassal.

When the King growls he tumbles

He delights in trelishing the king’s mane

And sucking his dusty paws in his watery mouth

The strange cub became a lion

And as for his strangeness, we got used to it

In his days as a lackey

He combed the king’s mane and our secrets

One day at the turn of the season

After the harvest, he killed the Lion King

And the strange cubs become the strange king

Of our much quiescent little pride

He said he was the promise and came

Not to change but enforce the law

Though he squeaks where we roar

We could not break the spell of our new King

He built a dome over our watering hole

and excreted on our oracles

Rendering them impotent

‘Freedom is the first law’ he ruled

And gagged all those who say but

Prosperity is the second law, he ruled

And extracted all the golden teeth

From all those who wear one

Equality is the third law he ruled

And killed all those who prowl like him

Cunning lies, canny lie,

so went on the story

Of our much quiescent little pride



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