Deyda and Musa JammehOur State House revealer has once again spilled the bean, revealing that the late Deyda Hydara was shot to death by a gun supplied by the Casamance separatist rebels.

Deyda Hydara, the Editor and co-proprietor of The Point newspaper, was gunned by unknown assailants in Kanifing in the night of December 16th 2004. The senior journalist was killed on a day he celebrated the 13th anniversary of his paper’s existence and his wife’s birthday. Deyda’s murderers remain on the loose, with the Gambia government refusing to investigate or allow external investigators to chip in.

“I can state with confidence that the gun that was used to kill Deyda Hydara had been supplied by the MFDC rebels in Casamance. This particular gun was shown to me,” the revealer said. “It was provided by Musa Jammeh’s brother who was a fighter of the MFDC. I understand Musa’s rebel brother brought the gun that was recovered after MFDC forces clashed with Senegalese military in Casamance. It was a plot to implicate Senegal in the assassination,” the revealer said.

The revealer added that though the late Musa Jammeh, Personal Protection Officer to President Yahya Jammeh, coordinated Deyda Hydara’s drive by shooting, he could not say who exactly fired the fatal shots. “All that I know is that Aziz Tamba provided the Benz taxi which  was used to chase Deyda’s car and that four people were involved in the assassination. Also the gun was provided by Musa through his rebel brother. It was the first successful operation led by Musa Jammeh after two failed attempts by Saul Badjie. Saul’s failed attempts included the shooting of  Lawyer Ousman Sillah.”



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