Ebou Manneh believes that we all have a stake in the Gambia’s development!

Ebrima Manneh has replaced Sheikh Omar Faye as the Gambia’s Ambassador to the United States.

Manneh was a career Civil Servant who served as Ambassador and Permanent Secretary. He was also a former Administrative Secretary of the United Democratic Party (UDP).

Mr. Manneh, whose appointment was effective on March 7th, is expected to take up diplomatic assignment next week.

Ebraima Manneh was among hundreds of civil servants and technocrats who lost their jobs after Yahya Jammeh and his rag-tag soldiers overthrew the Jawara regime in July 1994. Manneh had since been doing some consultancy jobs as well as steering the affairs of the UDP, the punching bag of the Jammeh regime.

Kairo News couldn’t confirm whether whether Sheikh Omar Faye will be re-deployed elsewhere. Ambassador Faye and his colleagues have been accused of helpinf to strengthen the arms of Jammeh dictatorship which culminated in extrajudicial murdurs, disappearances and tortures of so many innocent Gambians and nonGambians.


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