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Man City are Winners, Congrats

As Manchester City celebrate winning the English Premier league today, their noise neighbors, Man U, fell from grace. Manchester City is own by wealthy Arab millionaires and the club owners pumped millions into it,  attracting top quality footballers.

Manchester United though, did not win any trophy this season and have not even make it to the European Champion League football spot. Fans of Man City went wild after the final whistle was blown winning two nil against West Harm United.

Congratulations Man City. Start players like Yaya Toure, Kompany, Nasr, Hart, commented, this is mission accomplished. Next season will be even more tougher. Kompany said, “we are building something here”. Yaya Toure brought in his children, embracing the atmosphere.

Next week, the Arsenal fans will be at the famous Wembley stadium for the FA Cup final. Good luck Arsenal, win the Gooners fan the FA cup.


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