By Alagie Yorro Jallow

Mama Kandeh 2016 is swim or sink, do or die for the opposition to liberate The Gambia.You must suspend your campaign and join the Grand Opposition Coalition. Your failure to join will spell your political suicide.
The Gambia our beautiful motherland has been looted,brutally vandalized, and now she is burning with no hope of relief in sight. It is our responsibility, collectively as a people, to stand up and take the fight to Yahya Jammeh and his APRC government out of office in December.

The government of president Jammeh is unpopular and seemingly vulnerable in a free and fair election. The dilemma is that the opposition has not been able to unite ( Gambia Democratic Party of Mr. Mama Kandeh)behind a single platform, which makes winning elections much more difficult.

What needs to change if truly the Gambian people want to win? Gambia Democratic Party ( GDC) of Mr Kandeh should not seek nomination but to join the grand coalition led by Mr. Adama Barrow. It should be common knowledge by now that competing against ourselves is meaningless; there is no honor in not joining the grand coalition,any form of defeat by APRC in December is unacceptabe. Mr. Kandeh unless all opposition forces unite into one opposition group, they stand no chance of defeating Yahya Jammeh in an election.

Now Mr. Kandeh you have decided to go it alone and as expected you have already started dividing anti-incumbent forces and it’s clear the opposition is beginning to weaken due to selfish interests. The APRC and their party faithful must be praying the opposition remains divided until they fall. Mr Kandeh suspend your campaign and join the coalition for the best interest of the Gambian people.
Mr.Kandeh it’s common sense that politics is a game of numbers. We all know that for a party to win,it must garner more votes than the other competing parties. And we all know that to mobilize enough supporters ,it takes all the forces who badly want to defeat the incumbent party that they are prepared to make the necessary and ultimate sacrifices.

Mr Kandeh it is therefore mind-blogging to see you as an experienced politician not joining the coalition, very perplexing. Mr.Kandeh knowing that you alone can’t defeat Yahya Jammeh!why don’t you be in the grand coalition and after defeating Jammeh then you can kill each other after Yahya is gone.
Mr. Kandeh who benefits if you lose the election? Why are you behaving as if Yahya Jammeh has “paid” you to keep the opposition divided so that he can comfortably win? Mr Kandeh does divided opposition outfit look like one that can really win power from Jammeh. The truth is if you don’t join the coalition you will begin your journey into political oblivion and subsequent extinction. The choice is yours.



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