Portrait of Mama Jankey Wally Sanneh 44th Emperor Of Kabou

Portrait of Kabou Emperor

Jankey Wally Sanneh sits on a Lion skin mat in (Mun-nyining), and wears a three angled hat (Bambadaa)

Mama Daali (Our great king foretell), each crowned Kabou king followed the ordinance by proclaiming what the future would be like under his rule. Jankey Wally Sanneh’s utterances baffled everyone when he said: “I will be last Emperor of this Kansala fortress). The garrrison town of Kansala Mandingka for (Kana sila – don’t be afraid) was destroyed on the orders on Jankey Wally about 1866 after a long battle. This battle is estimated to have caused the death of over 12, 000 people.

Mama Jankey Wally Sanneh was the last Emperor of the Kingdom of Kabou. His reign was said to have lasted for 20 years, some say 15 years. He departed from tradition of appointing mainly older influential leaders within the kingdom. He adopted a military style government of young men likes him. Kairo News and Radio will provide some more detail on the Legacy of Jankey Wally and great Kabou empire in the coming days and weeks.

Meanwhile, all the Nyanchos, Korings and interested parties should avoid a free downloading of the Jankey Wally Sanneh portrait. It takes time, money and huge effort to piece together the ancient items and recordings.

Email Suntou@btinternet.com if you want the portrait. We are working on a project to provide the authentic history of Kabou and Jankey Wally and his ruling class. Help us in that endeavour, every Tuesday, Natriko presents to you narrations of the Kabou History. Donate generously in finding the footsteps of our forefathers.



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