London, UK. 26th Apr, 2014. Malick Kah speaking during the demonstration in London to mark 14 years in remembrance of the 14 school children and Red Cross volunteer, shot and killed by Gambian security forces on the 10 & 11 April 2000. The demonstration iAn opposition political activist has confirmed tendering his resignation from the People’s Democratic for Organisation, Independence and Socialism (PDOIS). Malik Kah’s resignation came at a time when the party he has heavily invested his time and resources turned him into a laughing stock, disowning his representation at a telephone meeting that purportedly sought to add flesh and muscle to the struggle to restore sanity in The Gambia.

It all started when the PDOIS issued a swift reaction to the CORDEG press release about holding a brainstorming meeting with representatives of the opposition.  The party issued statements of rectification and disclaimer, insisting that Mr. Kah had no mandate to represent the PDOIS without getting anointment from the Central Committee. CORDEG press release portrayed the London based Kah as the Europe representative of the PDOIS.

Mr Kah’s sympathisers said the PDOIS reaction was tantamount to public dressing down of a key member. For them it is like killing the goose that lays the golden egg. “The party could have handled such a sensitive manner maturely and in private,” one sympathiser of Mr. Kah said.
However, PDOIS see the issue from a different perspective. “Since it is in the public interest,” they argued, “the party has done the right thing to distance itself from the misrepresentation of Malik Kah who has not followed the party’s protocol which would have avoided the controversy.”
Mr. Kah is yet to publicly state the reasons for throwing in his towel on Fatu Radio Network last night, although most people attribute it to the public embarrassment he has suffered.
Gambians in Diaspora have been preoccupied with the CORDEG press release controversy, and the quietness of both the CORDEG and the two other opposition has not helped diffuse the tension. It is in this regard that Kairo News decides to contact United Democratic Party sources. Our investigation proved that Lawyer Ousainou Darboe was not informed ahead of time of the telephone meeting. “He was not given any agenda or provided with detailed information before the untimely phone call,” a party official said, explaining that Mr. Darboe accepted the call out of his usual courtesy and respect he has for everyone.  “We can assure that he did not divulge anything,” the source said, defending Darboe’s belief that Gambians need to conduct constructive dialogues aimed at finding a lasting political solution to the difficulties their country’s political problems.
Mr. Kah’s close associates described him as “very hard working, dedicated and intellectually minded person whose commitment to restore democracy in his country is unquestionable.”


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