Mai Fatty: we have only one government!

The Gambia’s Interior Minister has brushed aside any notion that the government is divided because “there is no them and us.”

“This is your government; we did it rightly or wrongly you tell us and we get it corrected,” Mai Ahmad Fatty told deputies in Parliament.

“There is no THEM and US; the legislative is one of the three arms of the government. We have one government; the legislative is not a government by itself. This government is under one presidency. The judiciary is not a government by itself; all these three constitute one government. So we should have a common vision, common purpose and a common interest in resolving our common problems. And that should be the approach, as the Honorable Member (referring to Halifa Sallah) will say one Gambia, one nation, one destiny. That is the approach, and that is how we see it,” Minister Fatty added.

Fatty said despite being the Vice Chair of the Parliamentary Committee on Defense and Security, the Member for Serekunda, Halifa Sallah chose to make statements on the Kanilai incident outside the committee. “But certainly, Honorable Member of Serekunda is the Vice Chair of the Parliamentary Committee on Defense and Security, and certainly he made statements outside that committee. We learned it in the media. And Honorable Member’s comment that he made in the media is also part of the lessons we learned from. They are all perspectives and we are open.”



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