I have read an article by the so-called insider of the National Disaster Management Agency, implicating the Executive Director Colonel Alhajie Sanneh. I am convinced that the author of the said article has got an an axe to grind with an innocent person. The author’s characterisation of Alhajie Sanneh is far from the reality. I think the said article is borne out of hypocrisy, jealousy and witch-hunt. The Alhajie Sanneh I know is an upright, sincere and truth telling man. He does not mince his words when it comes to truth telling. I can swear by the holy Quran that Col. Sanneh will not, for whatever reason, threaten his subordinates with lethal weapon. What I know is that he carries weapon mostly for hunting purposes. But to accuse him of threatening “to fire his subordinates with a pistol” does not hold water.

It is not also true that Alhajie brags about his relationship with ousted Yahya Jammeh. The man is proud of his identity and I don’t think he will abandon his Jola identity for any reason. He does not hesitate to tell you that he hails from Foni. A hater is the face behind the mudslinging article that aims to destroy the brand of a man who loves his country to the fullest. I have known and worked with Alhajie at the Defense Headquarters in Banjul. He has throughout proven to be a very accommodating and kind boss. Alhajie gets along with everyone at work. I hate seeing innocent people being ripped apart which is why I have decided to react. It’s not about defending Alhajie but telling the truth.

Bakary Jawara, Louisville, Kentucky



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