PapaDear Gambian brothers and Sisters,

Allow me yet again on a similar situation but of a different matter, to make this humble appeal to all Diaspora Gambians seeking your kind donation towards setting up a Legal Defence Fund to support our legendary freedom fighters now going through legal tussles in the USA and elsewhere. Their plight should be the concern and preoccupation of all genuine loving Gambians yearning for political freedom in our motherland. We must never falter to abandoning them but to stand courageously in solidarity by their side be it in self or in kind.

So far the donations received in an earlier request to assist the fallen heroes families are mounting. Though not impressive but indeed satisfactory, it shows that Gambians have the willingness to give particularly in these daunting times of grief and distress in rebuff to what is happening back at home in The Gambia.

Justice will not be done without mention what significant impact the assault by our liberators has on our struggle. It has put The Gambia distinctly on the world scene as an oppressive state ruled by a tyrant and the extent of international media coverage has been unimaginable. Whether Al Jazeera, Fox News, RFI, BBC, XINHUA, etc, a mirror of public disdain against the Dictatorship has been exposed. More than most, our sister country Senegal has done a marvellous coverage by all its News and TV Channels by highlighting the serious lack of Democracy and freedom of expression that warrants dissenting groups to have no choice but to revolt; on the diplomatic front more stands to be gained for now and after; the culture of fear that all along hampered standoff to the regime has been shattered once and for all both among the people and the army alike; and foremost, Jammeh has now been marooned into a cage of fear and worry thus only looking for an escape route. All this immediate credit is well due to none but to all those who went and risked their lives in action to demand justice and freedom for all.

The GAMBIA DEMOCRACY FUND is pleading with all of you to give in generously towards this Legal Defence Fund drive. Please note that every penny counts no matter what amount you can donate. To contribute, please use this GoFundMe Link or visit all Gambian online news websites. You can also use the dedicated Bank of America account #237012901449. International Donors can use the following Bank SWIFT CODES; BOFAUS3DAU2, BOFAUS3DAUS, BOFAUS3DCCD.

For questions or concerns, please contact the below phone numbers:

(206) 259-6721

(919) 757-9469

(425) 319-0884

(202) 590-4318

(919) 612-5113


Thank you for your generosity, together we can make a difference.

Gambia Democracy Fund



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