Lamin Jamba

Lamin Jamba Jammeh is officially snubbed

The councilor at the center of Kartong sand mining brouhaha has been banned by his own people. Councilor Lamin Jamba Jammeh, himself a Kartong native, has been punished for orchestrating the persecution of the youths who oppose illegal sand mining in their area. Kartong gains nothing from the mining that continues to cause environmental destruction as well as invite mosquitoes and snakes.

img1448764788403Since the detention and subsequent arraignment of the Kartong33, the area’s people have been searching for answers to the problem. And in the process they ruled out massaging the ego of the powers that be. They want to settle for nothing other than the unconditional release of their environmental activists and that all mining in Kartong quarry is put to a halt. But it seems the authorities have not heard their message, resulting to convening of meeting upon meeting. In one such meeting at the community center this evening, Kartongas unanimously agree to officially snub and sanction Lamin Jamba Jammeh, the main architect of their problem. It was agreed that Jammeh must not be forgiven for putting “our youths in hot soup and brag about it.”

The well attended meeting, marred by running emotions, in the end agreed to sanction Lamin Jamba and his household. His family is banned from shopping at the local market, shops or using the mosque and Arabic school. The councilor and his family will have their tap water cut off and dismissed from local clubs.

Even Lamin Jamba’s friends who still associate with him will have equal amount of punishment, which according to one Kartong native, demonstrates the issue at hand goes beyond a joke. “Kartong is fully united in this endeavour,” he says.



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