PhotoGrid_1420130088521We wish all our readers, audience, whistle-blowers, followers and citizen journalists a Blessed and Happy New Year. We equally wish to express our profound and sincere gratitude to all those who support Kairo News and Radio in whatever way. Without your undivided support and encouragement, we would not have existed in the first place, let alone play any meaningful role in the lives of our people. You are the real unsung heroes of our suppressed people in the Gambia. Without the good people, our mission will be a mere wishful thinking.

Let’s remember that history will someday judge all of us for our deeds. Those who leave behind good legacies do not live and die in vain as they continue to be remembered. As missionaries, it behooves on all of us to love our country and sacrifice for it.

As rights defenders and activists, we see it necessary to help free our people from the yokes of dictatorship punctuated with gross violations of human rights. We are proud to be part of the struggle to liberate the minds of our people. It is a fight we have chosen with determination, professionalism and integrity. We are committed to use the power of our keyboards and microphones to help educate, inform and entertain our people.

We are grateful to the past year for giving birth to Kairo News and Radio on February 18th, the day our noble country became independent. To 2014, we say hats off for allowing us to be your creation that has since been toiling and moiling to raise consciousness among the minds of our imprisoned citizens. Our mission has always been and will remain defending democracy, human rights, the rule of law and freedom of expression, which are the hallmarks of any civilised society.

As we host 2015, we appeal to Gambians to unite in their efforts to bring back normalcy in a country once touted the Oasis of Human Rights, the Rule of Law, Democracy and Freedom. While we pray that the New Year brings success, prosperity and peace in the world, we hope Gambians will dump anything that divides them. As a people, we can only make significant strides if we show our unity in actions and words. Let’s therefore make an assessment of the past year and see what we have done right, what we have not and what needs to be done.

With your support, we can guarantee brighter future for our country and its people in 2015. Long live the United Gambia!



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