Omar JoofStarting Friday afternoon until early Sunday, Kairo Radio is hosting a special program on The Gambia’s bloody student demonstration.

It is exactly 15 years today when trigger-happy Gambian security officers shot and killed 14 innocent people. The victims included a three-year-old boy and a journalist cum Red Cross volunteer Omar Barrow. The victims, most of who were students, were denied justice by a government that went ahead to indemnify the cold-blood killers through a back-dated law.

In marking the 15th anniversary of the disturbing event, Kairo Radio’s Mohammed Lamin Sillah has an exclusive interview with Mr. Omar Joof, the former President of Gambia Student’s Union. Mr. Joof, who lives in Canada, led the students to peacefully protest against the mistreatment of their colleagues. Instead of addressing the students’ concern, the Jammeh regime used force resulting to the day light murder of protesting students. Several of their colleagues have since been maimed for life.

Tune in to Kairo Radio and hear the undiluted April 10 and 11 story from a man who was at the center of it all. Omar Joof is still upset that the victims and their families are denied justice.  The interview is broadcast in English, Mandinka and Wolof languages. Despite being traumatised by the bloody student carnage, Mr. Joof said it is solemn duty for him to remember the combatants of April 10 and 11 protests in his prayers and thoughts.





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