PhotoGrid_1420130088521The family of Kairo News and Radio wishes everyone happy, prosperous and blessed new year. Without our esteemed readers, listeners and contributors, we would have packed up and shut down. You keep injecting enthusiasm, passion and energy in us on a daily basis. You have made Kairo your home and even claim ownership of its comment section, turning it into a university bantaba where maturity, professionalism and intellectualism thrive. It is so well coordinated that the likes of Bax, Kinteh, Deyda Hydara, Dida Halake or Lafia do not allow any intruder to throw sand in the soup and get away with it. You have become your own moderators which makes our job easy. We are so proud of you that we wish to know some of you personally.

We appreciate your phone calls, text messages and emails sharing your lofty ideas with us. We equally appreciate and take note of every financial magnanimity – small or big – you showered on us since our inception on February18th 2014. To all of you, we are more than grateful for being interested in your country’s affairs to the fullest. As a people, we can only be who we are if we understand our story, culture, news, religion and history. It is in this regard that Kairo team strives hard to come up with meaningful articles and programmes geared towards educating, informing and entertaining Gambians, majority of who are denied access to anything that is deemed critical of the Jammeh government.

Truthfully, our job is and will always be challenging, considering the limited time we have but we want to assure readers and listeners that we will stick to our guns. All we need is your prayers and support in either cash or kind.

Kairo will endeavour to add value and meaning to its content, extend outreach and where possible, introduce thought-provoking columns or radio programmes. The plan is already in place but we cannot get to the mountaintop as Dr. Martin Luther King put it, without you. We hope and pray that 2016 will bring a new dawn in our country. It behooves on all of us to unite in our fight to restore our eluded democracy, the rule of law and human rights. If our neighbours in the sub-region can cross over this bridge, who says we can’t. Yes, we can unless we allow our individual agenda to override the collective interest.

To my noble team members, I throw my hat for you. You have demonstrated your sincerity to your country and its people. Despite your busy work and family life, you continue to sacrifice your invaluable time and resources to national duty. I hope all of you understand my role as not only the Executive Editor but also Executive Botherer who is task-oriented. I admire your team spirit, patience and tolerance.

Musa Saidykhan

Executive Editor

Kairo News/Radio




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