The one year anniversary of Kairo News and Radio coincides with the golden jubilee celebration of The Gambia’s existence as an independent sovereign nation.

The idea of the Kairo project was conceived at a time when a group of Gambians felt the need to better serve the information and entertainment needs of their oppressed people. Like any new initiative, the founders envisaged monumental challenges: financial or human resources. However, with determination and  dedication to seeing a fairer and responsible dissemination of news, the task became easily manageable.

Some of the goals we set ourselves includes the Ideals of a free press which is essential for a democratic society. Kairo has come to calvanise the expectations of the Gambian people by bringing objectivity, professional competence, accurate and responsible journalism to enable them to make informed choices about who to entrust the affairs of their Society.

As a medium, Kairo will serve as a watchdog to the public and hold our government, and non-state actors accountable to the people and we encourage our esteem readers to join us in this venture to build a better society for our feature generation.
Kairo will strive to be a beacon of hope  for the oppressed masses of the Gambian people.We will engage  those who seek to lead us not just to voice empty rhetoric but  produce clear, unambiguous solutions to solve our many problems.This is the duty of every honest and patriotic citizen of the Gambia in this very difficult moment of our history and together we can do it.

We will strive to practice the true ethics of journalism, and we will not allow  to be manipulated by any individual or group  who tried to dictate the space of public discussions as well as those who saw an opportunity to become
relevant at the expense of national interest of the Gambian People.Let us remember that Gambia is bigger than our individual and group interest.The restoration of democracy and good governance is a Gambian problem and only Gambians can solve it so lets face the task and avert National disintegration.

Saving The Gambia from such a calamity is a task that must be done. No one can do it better than Gambians themselves. It is only by talking through it openly and honestly that we can make each understand that as far as public affairs are concerned groups does not matter it is policies that do. Politics is the competing over the quality of policies. Competing policies has nothing to do with rivaling groups. Let us stop putting the blame for our continued retardation on others is an old over-played game.

We at Kairo will promote the media’s  role of sensitizing the people on their rights and giving them a voice in determining the type of society they want to live in.In this regard, we will not abandon the cultural, traditional and social values of our People. This is why, all the program on kairo radio are anchored on the ethic of our society with a clear emphasis on promoting the Gambian cultures and traditions, and the African heritage as a whole.

Whilst we at kairo news commemorate our one year of operations, the Gambia government is engaged in wasteful spending in the name of  celebrating the 50 years of independence. However, the government of President Jammeh is said to have invited many foreign dignitaries, whilst in the home front, he refuse to engage the opposition, in restoring the rule of law, human rights and democracy to our motherland .

From the entire kairo news team: Executive editor Musa Saidykhan, Senior Editor Yaya Dampha, Editorial Consultant Muhammed L Sillah, Political and culture Editor Suntou Touray, Religious Editor Imam Momodou Ceesay, Women Affairs Maimuna Ceesay-Darboe, Content Adviser Saul Saidykhan, Political Cntributor Fabou Sanneh and all those associated with the platform, we extend a big thank you.

Kairo has some dedicated readers and listeners, and without you, we will not have become a come this far. Please continue to freely express your views, even against the Kairo. No one is beyond criticism and scrutiny.We will not promote monolithic system of thinking that both Stalinism and Nazism had in common, we detest such very strongly. We will condemn it everywhere we come across it. It is against the universal right of free thinking and free expression, and a fertile ground for the growth and triumph of tyranny and gives those in power monopoly over truth and the expression of it.

Happy 50th independence commemoration to Every Gambian! Happy one year for Kairo news. The readership hit counter is over 2million plus already. We remained your humble servants. Send comments and suggestions to kaironews12@gmail.com. With Thanks to Bax, Dida, Lafia La Manju, Kemo, Bajaw,Batch Samba Faye Deyda Haidara Papa Kumba Loum and others for making the comment section lively.

Long live the Gambia.



Disclaimer: Views expressed in this section are the author's own and do not represent the editorial policy of Kairo News. Kairo News will trash any comment that inflames tribal, racial or religious hatred.

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