papaAfter reading his writing, I am beginning this wonder if Mr. Lamin Darbo is not of such persons who could not stand meaningful progress by any Gambian or Gambian groups.  It seems instead of contributing to our Gambian struggle, Mr. Darbo prides himself in negative criticism of anything resembling Gambian achievement either collectively or individually.  I recall Mr. Darbo’s past postings and/or reviews as always been negative, although he sees them as constructive criticism.  I would advise Mr. Darbo to strive to achieve something constructive for the Gambian people rather than for his own individual interest.  Mr. Darbo may be a lawyer, magistrate or whatever, but of late, what has he done for the Gambia besides trying to portray himself as someone highly educated.  His writings are often too complex for an average Gambian to easily comprehend.  His actions resemble an individual who stands by the roadside and throw rocks on every vehicle that passes.

First, I would suggest that Mr. Darbo learn to write for his target audience, and not for his ego. Second, I would suggest for Mr. Darbo to accept the plights of the Gambian people and join the struggle to help change our condition through constructive contribution, or step aside and stop being an obstacle.  Finally, Mr. Darbo needs to know that most Gambians are just as educated as he if not more, so he must not underestimate our collective or individual strength.  CORDEG is not a construct of tribalism but of nationalism. It is an organization of honorable people who sacrifice their time and effort including finance in the interest of the Gambian.  If Mr. Darbo could not see and appreciate these efforts and sacrifices, then he must be blind or ignorant at best.

By Papa Faal  



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