Jammeh and Ebrima JawaraThe son of former Gambian President has finally fallen out with the man who ousted his father from office. Ebrima Jawara, who has so many titles under his belt, was not only arrested but also charged with economic crime.

Ebrima Jawara’s latest news – broken by The Point – was highly predicted. It therefore came as no big surprise to us, considering the track record of President Yahya Jammeh who has and continues to use and abuse his trusted allies before throwing them into the ditch.

Just few months back, Mr Jawara was appointed the Director of the Central Coordinating Unit, Acting Project Director for the NEMA Project, Acting Project Director of the West Africa Agricultural Productivity Program and Project Director of the Gambia Commercial Agricultural and Value Chain Management Project. He also became the Accounting Officer for the World Bank-funded program.

As the Coordinator, Jawara whose colleagues accused him of witch hunting and micromanaging, is responsible for ensuring the smooth and efficient operations of the Central Projects’ Coordinating Unit. The unit is responsible for the effective and efficient, supervision and coordination of all projects and programmes that fall under the Gambia National Agricultural Investment Plan.

Ebrima also oversees Jammeh’s so-called 2016 food self security initiative, aumed at driving out hunger in the country. Was he decorated with all these titles so he won’t smell anything fishy is anyone’s guess?

Mr. Jawara authored a book praising President Jammeh while at the same time castigating his father’s government for failing to develop the country.

We leave Ebrima with the Igbo adage that “a boy who does not listen to his elders shall follow lizards to the graveyard.” You cannot offend your father, brag about it and expect to have peace of mind. At his age, all Sir Dawda Jawara needs is the support of his family to cope with challenges of aging. We are armed with a lot of information on Ebrima but we choose to be civil.



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