protesters 1President Yahya Jammeh’s security officers who have become known for their thuggery attacked peaceful protesters in Washington, D.C. last night. As a result of the attack, journalist Fatou Camara and Ousainou Mbenga were rushed to the hospital while a member of Gambian leader’s security was taken for questioning.

We have also been informed that Metropolitan police did not only cordoned off President Jammeh’s Hay Adams hotel area but also sought for reinforcement. Jammeh’s blood-thirsty security personnel were also accused of being impolite to the police saying “we don’t care.”

Kairo News was further informed that Fatou and Mbenga have sustained injuries during the attack. This resulted to the questioning of President Jammeh’s security officer Pierre Minteh.

Fatou Camara, the former Director of Press and Public Relations at State House, was illegally detained in the Gambia for 25 days before fleeing into exile to escape Jammeh’s wrath. Kairo News could not independently confirm the media queen’s injuries. She was targeted for attack by a member of Jammeh’s security on Tuesday who threatened her life.

Fatou Camara was reportedly delighted to be among protesters who held President Jammeh hostage in his hotel for more than 12 hours. Fatou’s presence at a Washington event made Jammeh so uncomfortable that he (Jammeh) asked the United States secret service to evict her.

Gambian activists have achieved their goal of making life horrible for a man who continues to hold their country and its people hostage.

Kairo News will do its best to reach to the bottom of the story and keep its readers posted on unfolding developments.



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