Jammeh 1Jammeh 2Gambian President last week returned home after a trip to Turkey. President Yahya Jammeh looked frail and skinny, sending signals that his physical health is fast dwindling. The photos that go along with our story speak for themselves.

“Can you see his look from the photos,” a close Jammeh aid confided in us. “As the saying goes: a photo tells a thousand words.”

It was about time that Gambians knew the real story surrounding President Jammeh’s state of health. Do we have to wait until he cannot govern anymore and start scrambling? Whether Jammeh or his close aids admit, the pictures tell us that he simply doesn’t look well. It seems our country’s leader’s coup days images are reemerging.

Despite grapevine news floating in town that his sickness has taken a great toll on him, the Office of President remains mute, refusing to deny or accept the fast growing rumour.

Our sources reported that even Gambian leader’s staunch supporters have become extremely worried about his state of health.

A closer analysis of the photos reveal that President Jammeh’s lips have already been consumed by cracks [ratatoi]. Over the years, President Jammeh’s critics mocked him for developing ratatoi, which could be as a result of deficiency in Vitamin C.


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