President Yahya Jammeh is plotting to destroy the country he is proud of developing, Kairo News has been informed.

Mr. Jammeh, who ascended to power through a 1994 coup d’etat complaining that the deposed President Jawara had overstayed in office, is refusing to hand over power after an election defeat. He had earlier conceded election defeat but reversed his decision a week later. Yahya Jammeh has since fallen apart with the world. Even his staunch supporters told the power-hungry leader to hand over the Gambia to President-elect Adama Barrow on January 19th.

Despite threats by leaders of regional grouping ECOWAS, Yahya Jammeh remains adamant insisting that fresh elections should be held. Our sources blame Mr. Jammeh of “blowing hot and cold air simultaneously. Jammeh is shipping his valuables out of the country, giving us the impression that he will sneak his way out. But the same man has brought in mercenaries and Casamance rebels into the country. That tells us he is preparing for any external attack,” our security sources said.

Our sources accused Jammeh of planning to “use MFDC rebels and mercenaries to kill innocent civilians when ECOWAS forces attack him. His killers will particularly target Mandinka dominated towns and villages. This is the message that Jammeh told Jola elders during their closed door meeting in Kanilai a fortnight ago. I can swear to the Quran that the evil Jammeh has invited mercenaries who look like Arabs,” said our source. “In case of an attack, Jammeh wants his hired killers to cross to Kiang and Jarra regions and engage in mass killing. Jammeh is annoyed with Mandinkas for not voting for him, forgetting that his insults and threats of exterminating the country’s largest ethnic group would bite him.

Jammeh last week ended weeks of military standby, a move many people think is a sign of surrender. But our sources point out some caveats. “Jammeh knows his weak, divided and less loyal military is not mentally or tactically prepared for an attack, which is why he disarmed most of them when the rebels and mercenaries arrived,” our source said.

Our sources said Jammeh is getting inspiration from one General Momodou Sowe who advises him to remain defiant. Sowe, a native of Foni Bwiam, is based at the army headquarters in Banjul.

Jammeh’s other plot is to disrupt Adama Barrow’s inauguration ceremony. He is not happy with the international hype the ceremony is attracting. Our sources said the Coalition should rule out Banjul for the inauguration. “Already, there is a machine gun with long range capability and a telescope at the Central Banjul waiting to fire.”

Our sources sounded the bell to “avoid any element of a surprise package. Our goal is to send an alert at the right time.” One source advises Gambians to unite and defend themselves against Yahya Jammeh and his killers. “An attack on one Gambian must be seen as an attack on every Gambian.”

It is the responsibility of Gambian soldiers to protect lives and properies of the people who have been paying their salaries since the establishment of the army in 1984.



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