Gambian opposition leader has publicly apologised to the people and government of Senegal for going through the pain stemming from President Yahya Jammeh’s insults.

During a countrywide tour last month, Mr. Jammeh insulted the current and past leaders of Senegal. He mocked the former elderly statesman President Abdoulaye Wade and described President Macky Sall as “a hypocrite and puppet of France.” Gambian leader’s wayward behaviour has only heightened bad blood and mistrust between the countries whose people have everything in common except former colonial masters and official languages.

“Gambians and Senegalese people are one people, and we will continue to be just that,” Mr. Darboe told his party’s weekend rally in Latrikunda Sabije. “On behalf of the UDP [United Democratic Party], myself, and The Gambia, I apologise to our Senegalese brothers and sisters for the trauma and pain caused by President Jammeh’s insults unleashed on their current and past leaders.”

Mr. Darboe also used the platform to defend one of UDP’s National President, Dembo [By Force] Bojang, who has been framed a “witch” by President Jammeh.  “If Dembo Byforce is a witch, dictator Jammeh will be his first meal, because Dembo has fought against his oppressive regime since 1996.”



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