Our State House Revealer has come back with more startling revelations on the murder of President Yahya Jammeh’s brother and sister. Mr. Haruna and Mrs. Marcie Jammeh were picked up in the presence of their families in the President’s birthplace of Kanilai and escorted to the National Intelligence Agency headquarters in Banjul. They were later purportedly sneaked back into Kanilai for secret execution.

The Revealer said a game was being played shortly before the murders took place in July 2005.

“Gambians are still learning about how President Jammeh operates. He is a very smart well informed person who uses his brain well. As a big time strategist, President Jammeh operates in his own ways. He will do everything under the hot sun to keep others from knowing anything about operations they are not assigned to do. His game was to keep Alagie Martin, the Kanilai Camp Commander at the time, in the dark about the murders of Haruna and Marcie,” the Revealer said. “This was why Alagie Martin was quickly moved to State House in Banjul to allow. The transfer allows the killers to carry out their mission without hitches.”

The Revealer was asked whether he knew who might have carried out the execution order. “The late Musa Jammeh and Tumbul Tamba moved Haruna and Marcie from the NIA cells to Kanilai for execution. I don’t frankly know who actually executed them; only Oga Jammeh and his team of killers are privy to that information. They knew whether the bodies had been fed to the crocodiles. What I can confirm is that Haruna and Marcie were  summarily executed back in 2005.”



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