Disappointed APRC supporters before empty Supreme Court!

It is evident the Gambia’s outgoing President Yahya Jammeh’s last hope is in limbo. Having lost the election, Yahya Jammeh puts his trust and faith on the Supreme Court to declare the results null and void. His party filed a petition at a court where only the Chief Justice Emmanuel Fagbenle remains. The APRC supporters turned out in their record numbers to attend the petition hearing at the Supreme Court in Banjul this morning. But all they found is an empty bench. The only Supreme Court Judge available is Chief Emmanuel Fagbenle who told the APRC attorney Edu Gomez that he needed a full panel to hear the petition. Justice Fagbenle told the court that the hired judges would not travel to Gambia until May. The APRC petition case was adjourned to Monday. However, Justice Fagbenle warned petitioners to be wary of the fact that they shouldn’t expect any changes in position that he cannot hear the case without a full panel. This left Lawyer Edu Gomez in disappointment.



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