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M’bai and Dampha have become thorns in Jammeh’s flesh!

Kairo News has got a hint of the Gambia government’s sinister plot to “hack into the computers” of diaspora journalists.

The dictatorial regime has already devised a scheme to remote control the computers of Kairo News Senior Editor, Yaya Dampha and the Publisher of Freedom Newspaper, Pa Nderry M’bai. The regime’s goal is to hack into the computers of the two critical journalists as experiments before spreading attacks on other dissident activists.

The said hint was contained in a message sent to Kairo News. It emanated from an unidentified person who claimed not to have known Mr. Dampha, warning him to remove all audio files from his computer and back them up somewhere. The Jammeh government aims to identify the sources of online journalists in a bid to incriminate people.

It was about time that Gambian dissidents regularly changed their computer, email or social media pass words if they don’t want to fall into the Dictator’s trap. The embattled regime is on the verge of utilitising the services of Turkish and Russian super hackers.

The targeting of Mr Dampha and Mr M’bai for attack does not come from the blues, as the regime “suspects these people of keeping some confidential audio recordings that are of interest to the state.”

The onus now lies on all Gambian diasporan activist to back up their confidential files on external hard drives. They should take into cognizance that a desperate regime back home can go to any length to incriminate its targeted people in the country.

Gambian regime is on the brink of capitilizing on anything that will set back the struggle already blighted with scandals. The survival of the struggle against dictatorship in the Gambia will surely cease to exist if we have armed the regime’s micky mouse agents with enough ammunition.



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