Lt. Sulayman Jammeh jumps the military hurdles!

The top brass of the Gambia National Army have become mired in shock and disbelief upon receiving a directive ordering the immediate promotion of a defence clerk to an officer position without merits or justifications. Lance Corporal Sulayman Jammeh, a cousin brother to Gambian President Yahya Jammeh, has been promoted to the rank of a full Lieutenant overnight.

“Sulayman’s appointment directive was communicated to the Defence Headquarters a fortnight ago,” a trusted source confirmed. “It emanated from the Office of the President that Sulayman has been promoted to a full Lieutenant with immediate effect and that he was moved to the State House as an officer in charge of vehicles.”

During two weeks of investigation, Kairo News established the blood relationship between Sulayman Jammeh and Gambian leader who both hailed from Kanilai village.  Sulayman shares the same mother with Ansumana Jammeh, the President’s half brother. It is also established that Sulayman, better known as Birreh, joined the Gambia National Army in 2008. After completing training, Sulayman was posted to Farafenni military camp as an infantry soldier. He was later moved to the Army Headquarters as a clerk. Jammeh attended Pipeline Comprehensive Senior Secondary School. Kairo News could not confirm Birreh’s social media profile status that he attended Gambia College.

In summary, it has been proven that Sulayman who goes with Facebook name Yahya Junior, is “not a sound person who deserves an officer rank. He is a very dull soldier whose promotion makes no iota of sense. Sulayman’s promotion provides evidence of nepotism, favouritism and abuse of office by President Jammeh who swore to execute his official duties without fear, favour or ill will,” a senior military official said.



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