Ebrima Pessy Njie dressed in blue

     Ebrima Pessy Njie dressed in blue

An executive member of the opposition United Democratic Party is deeply concerned about The Gambia’s sate of affairs.

“The Gambia is in a big trouble,” Ebrima Pessy Njie told a Serekunda rally on Sunday. “The country is so hard that even the rivers have started to dry; there is no much fish for fishermen.” Mr. Njie said unless concerted efforts are done, “I’m afraid President Yahya Jammeh will eventually drown all of us, drown the country and drown himself.”

Mr. Njie has linked the country’s current problem to the open arm welcome Gambians have accorded to non-Gambians. He said since time immemorial Gambians have been known for being generous to non-citizens. Njie could not fathom why a country that has been known for being peaceful and accommodating to all would be ruled by a leader who does not care about citizens. Pessy described Mr. Jammeh as “a leader who inflicts whatever pains he desires on defenceless, innocent citizens.”

Mr. Njie, a former parliamentarian in the ousted Jawara government, said the problem lies with a leader whose background “until today remains blurred and unclear.” He said a president whose background is uncertain is equal to new arrivals into the country.

Njie said people with blurred background have been fanning division in The Gambia. He said a president with questionable heritage cannot be compared to Lawyer Ousainou Darboe, the UDP leader whose background or family lineage is public knowledge.

Mr. Njie’s speech is a wake-up call for Gambians to be wary of who to elect into office because every election has a consequence.



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