Gambian people have always underestimated Oga’s intelligence!

By Max

Dictator Yahya Jammeh for a long time had been using pseudonyms to cause division, spy and outsmart Gambians Dissidents.

My interest to research about constant crisis loggerheads and disunity among dissidents or diaspora activists finally came to conclusion. I discovered that Dictator Yahya Jammeh is totally responsible for this phenomenon. This conclusion was based on a research I personally conducted on some of the pseudonyms or real names used on Facebook and other social media sites as well as various sources from the corridors of power in Banjul.

Gambians who truly know Jammeh will agree with me that he is criminal thinker with an intelligent mind. Jammeh is a security expert who has mastered the naivety of Gambian people. He is very security concern and majority of Gambian people know nothing about the President sitting at State House in Banjul. Jammeh’s criminality and sophiscation is beyond the thinking of ordinary Gambians. As a result of this, he is able to outsmart the most educated and experienced Gambians who worked for him except few people like Dr Sedat Jobe, Essa Bocar Sey and others.


President Jammeh has been using PSEUDOYNMS on Internet since the early days of Gambia-L or (Banta cyberspace) where he used to challenge dissidents or his critics and sometimes acted as a supporter of the regime. This criminal tactic has enabled Jammeh to be fully aware of initial critics or dissidents of his regime and has also helped him to gain significant knowledge of what his enemies think of him or what they plan or envision to effect change.

This is the very scenario going on today as we speak. After the invention of Facebook and other social media sites such as online radios and newspapers where Gambians can freely express themselves against military dictatorship, President Jammeh took advantage of this latest technological advancement and became actively involved online without awareness of his enemies. He became chief critics of his own regime and sometimes he uses other PSEUDOYNMS (real people name) to support the policies of his government and individuals in his regime. Not only did Jammeh use such names to do his criminal acts on unsuspecting dissidents to deceive them but he also used various PSEUDOYNMS with Facebook profiles to spy on them. Yahya Jammeh has ascribed very distasteful and insulting names to himself which he used to deceive Gambian diaspora activists and dissidents.

This has enabled him to befriend most prominent dissidents or activists on Facebook. As a result of this Facebook friendships with so many prominent dissidents including journalists, bloggers, and ordinary Gambians, Jammeh became aware of every activities that is planned or talked about against his government. I know many activists would be suprise to hear that Jammeh himself is constantly online sometimes supporting or arguing with the people about the very government he presides over as the president. This is criminality and intelligent at its best. The Internet is one of the best sources of information where he is able to get first hand information about dissidents in Europe, UK and USA. Gambians need to look at the Facebook profiles and pictures of these PSEUDOYNMS and they will find out that there is common pattern on most distasteful PSEUDOYNMS.
Jammeh has also used these PSEUDOYNMS to create friction and divisions among various media outlets and personalities through his commentaries either as supporter of one group or hateful messages on personalities on other media group. This has created huge problem. It contributed to inability of these individuals in various media to focus on the struggle. This disunity has resulted to name callings and even tribalism which Jammeh is the chief perpetrator among Gambians.

Why Freedom Radio and Newspaper has become the most sourced, publishing majority of the breaking news?

According to my findings, Jammeh himself is behind such news using PSEUDOYNMS to Freedom Newspaper. This is the way to deceive Gambians in the diaspora. This is evidenced by publications of majority of breaking news on Freedom Newspaper before it is news on GRTS or Daily Obsever. These breaking news are usually sensational and they cannot have any serious impact on Jammeh’s regime. It is the same reason that Pa Ndery Mbai is mostly against any significant issues that would make serious threat to Jammeh’s regime and never had any constant player in his newspaper. Looking at the background of Mr Mbai, he is not that educated and experienced than most Gambian journalists who are both in the country or diaspora but he is most connected or sourced journalist today in our politics and struggle to liberate The Gambia from military dictatorship.
Jammeh is totally responsible for this disunity, setback and failure of the struggle.



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