The lifting of a two week old directive ordering women working in the Civil Service to cover their hair has once again proven President Yahya Jammeh’s unreliability, weakness in decision making and lack of leadership. The death of the directive should provide clue to the dictator that he can toy with me and get away with it but not women whose power consumes consumes even prophets and messengers of Allah. They don’t just rule behind currain but women fight their fight until they become triumphant. Jammeh must have felt like walking on barbed wires barefooted when he stepped on women civil servants. He was left with only one absolute choice: swallow your male ego and surrender publicly before firestorm hangs over the mantle of leadership. This why the President’s Office issued this 82-word press release.

The General Public is hereby informed that the directive for women to put on a head dress (not hijab) in all public offices during working hours is liftes. The directive had nothing to do with religion.

Women are His Excellency the president Sheikh Professor Alhaji Dr. Yahya AJJ Jammeh-Babili Mansa’s best friends, they are his sisters and he is here for their wellbeing and happiness at all times. That being the case, this decision that makes them unhappy has been lifted.

A diagnosis into the press release poves the President is disingenuous and economical in telling truth to his subjects. How can he convince us that the directive, which was issued three weeks after the declaration of an Islamic State, has nothing to do with religion? Instead of acknowledging women’s power to defeat every power, Jammeh goes on sugarcoating that the ban is lifted to avoid women from being unhappy.

But the dictator’s directive cancellation has put him in a trap. His arduous task will be how to convince his ally religious clerics that his government will police Islam. The question that must be asked is: how many of these material conscious religious leaders will see the light? One religious leader who distances himself from the government said “it’s too for these Jammeh leaning clerics to turn their back on him. His lifting has left them dumbfounded and cornered, they now sit between the ghost and the lion. But who then will listen to them or seek religious advice from them. They have destroyed their brand. This is what happens when religious become too close to political leaders. Let them deal with their mess. I’m poor but Allah is with.”



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