Jammeh and Pa BojangPresident Yahya Jammeh has every reason to be upset with Pa Ousman Bojang, Kairo News investigation has uncovered. Gambian leader is still reeling with a fallout out with Pa Bojang who he (Jammeh) describes as “a betrayer of the highest standing.”

Power of Attorney for Pa Bojang

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Despite graduating from high school and armed with no business or management experience, President Jammeh had appointed Pa Bojang as the General Manager of Kanilai Group International (KGI). Mr. Jammeh on June 3rd, 2009, went beyond and above when he gave his cousin [Jammeh and Pa Bojang are siblings of a brother and sister] a Power of Attorney. This empowered Pa Bojang “to access all the accounts of the KGI wherever they exist, withdraw monies, or close them as he deems fit and open new account without let or hindrance.”

As indicated in the attached Power of Attorney obtained by Kairo News, Mr. Bojang who referred himself as “the former donkey driver”, was “also empowered to hire staff or fire any staff of KGI International as he deems fit.”

Pa Bojang spent three months in southern Senegal before finally moving to the United States last year. He has kept a distance from the online media after his jaw-stirring marathon interview with journalist Fatu Radio Network. The said interview had reportedly shaken State House walls, with President Jammeh and his immediate family members crying and searching for answers to their unanswered questions.

Pa is believed to be running between New York and North Carolina busy trying to adjust with tough and challenging life in the United States.



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