img-20161004-wa0004President Yahya Jammeh has instructed officials of the National Intelligence Agency (NIA) to warn chiefs in the Upper River Region to be wary of consequences of allowing the touring United Democratic Party members to hold rallies in their districts. The spy agents have since been going around threatening chiefs and village heads with firing if they fail to stop members of their communities from welcoming the UDP leader and his team.

img-20161005-wa0194Mr. Jammeh’s agents also instructed ferry workers at Basse to stop operations until the opposition leaves the region. Ferry management’s flimsy excuse was that operations have stopped “due to overflow of the river.”

For seven years, the main opposition members have been denied using the Basse ferry moreso hold political rallies in Sandu and Wuli. Opposition members believe the government’s ultimate goal is to deny the UDP delegation tumultuouss welcome in Wulu and Sandou, the the latter being the home of Ebrima Solo Kuruma whose death in custody has caused anger and dismay in the area.

But the party’s anointed presidential candidate refused to budge, insisting that nothing absolutely would prevent them from reaching the people of Sandou and Wuli. Adama Barrow ordered his delegation to cross by smal boats, for they must see eye-to-eye with the unimaginable abandoned and neglected communities in Wulli and Sandou. After riding with canoes, the UDP delegation boarded hired vans and gele gele to get to the two regions.

Residents in Sandou and Wuli have been grappling with poor road network for so many years. Their many cries fall on deaf ears.

UDP delegation has throughut received tumultuous welcome throughout, especially in Basse where the ruling APRC’s so-called Youth Rally in the area became a total failure.

The tour is meant to introduce the UDP’s nominated flag bearer as well as discuss with rural Gambians. The one week tour continues.



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