Idi Amin Dada and President Yahya Jammeh do not share generations but their behaviours are similar in every aspects!

Idi Amin Dada and President Yahya Jammeh do not share generations but their behaviours are similar in every aspects!

The attorney defending the Tennessee man accused of conspiring to overthrow the Gambia government has likened President Yahya Jammeh to the late Ugandan dictator Idi Amin Dada. In this report by journalist Yero Jallow in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Lawyer Joe Friedberg vigorously defended Alagie Saidy Barrow’s right to bail.

Alleged Coup Plotters in the Gambia on December 30th 2014, Alhagie Saidy Barrow and Papa Faal were released conditionally today in St. Paul and Minneapolis Federal Court houses respectively.  Barrow and Faal are charged for allegedly violating the U.S Neutrality ACT, after an attempted coup to dislodge the tyrannical regime of Yaya AJJ Jammeh. This reporter was in court and files this report for readers.

Both defenders were represented by their lawyers. The court hearing was accompanied by tumulus solidarity from cross-section of Gambians in Minnesota and out of State.

The Release Procedure

The duo are released temporarily to a “half-house” (transition point), from where upon satisfying the conditions of the bail, they will be released permanently to their designated home choices. This is first for their safety and second to ensure they do not go back to participate in a similar operation in the Gambia.  As such, internet restriction is part of the bail conditions, added to getting permission for travels outside the State. Both Barrow and Faal can seek employment and work as they desire.

Alagie Saidy Barrow.

Alhagie’s lawyer impressed Gambians, the Judge, and all Americans after he likened Jammeh to the Ugandan late renowned dictator, Edi Amin Dada. He argued thus, “Alagie is an honorable man” and he gave specific examples of countries where the U.S neutrality ACT was waived on the conditions that those nations were upon review believed to be “unfriendly.” The Prosecution in a sympathetic tone clearly stated that he was only representing the United States and not any foreign Government (The Gambia). In the end the Judge acknowledged the Gambians in the court and at some point even receive a big applause from the attendees. Barrow’s lawyer also notified the courts that the defendant’s family has been killed by Jammeh’s administration.

Papa Faal

Papa Faal pleaded guilty in his last appearance in court. The judge noted submission of his Gambian passport, to which his Lawyer, a former FBI agent and Prosecutor in the same court that Papa is being tried argued that Faal’s belongings were taken from the place he resided in the Gambia after the residence was raided. Just to clarify again on the rumors that papa’s guilty plea means he will be used against his co-conspirators, it is nil, at least to my knowledge, having access to both Papa and others actively helping out on the case.

Analysis: The Heroic Resistance

To many, this was an operation that touched Jammeh’s egg nest. To many, it remains a heroic resistance. Gambia continues to be glued to a scary dictatorship. Term limits are not in place. Elections are rigged and the election commission is compose of Jammeh’s sycophants. The media is controlled by the administration and the few other private media operators are timely targeted and closely monitored on their activities. It is blurred and hope of freedom and democracy is getting very slim, at least not any time soon. Jammeh cannot be rehabilitated on his criminality. Citizens continue to disappear into thin air without trace. Others are languishing in jail, under very unacceptable conditions. This is what led to the final conclusion that the only way out is to topple Jammeh’s regime by any means necessary. The truth be said, this is not an easy conclusion to arrive at, but for how long will Gambians continue to wait for “yallah-bahna” without action? The answer to what happened gives Jammeh a clue that the end is near. This is just a reality in life.

This development certainly won’t go down well with Jammeh. Many are of the opinion that such is acceptable and justice has started to surface. To others, it is a victory for justice. Others asked if Jammeh and his state-controlled media will do justice to inform Gambians on this development, especially after they announced the arrest of Faal, Njie and others initially. If the state-controlled media fails to update citizens on this wonderful development, it goes on to expose the tyrannical administration even more on their wish to keep Gambians brain-washed, a serious misstep in their calculations. While they continue to do their evil deeds, it is so easy to expose their criminal nature.

One thing is certain; dictatorship doesn’t like the kind of exposure. Jammeh and his administration are a mockery in these court proceedings. It remains to be seen, at least for the rest of his reign, which predictably is on the verse of collapse, to whether Jammeh will at once realize the danger he poses to citizens and his collateral damage on the impoverished country.

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