JammehPresident Yahya Jammeh has once again become the source of speculation and controversy. Gambian leader is on a campaign tour, ahead of December 1st presidential elections. Mr. Jammeh’s this year’s tour is unique in the sense that he has held very few rallies in the North Bank Region. Instead of crisscrossing the Niumis, Jammeh had reportedly held a single poorly turnout rally in Essau in Lower Niumi. He then proceeded to Farafenni in Baddibou. Some media reports that Jammeh has suspended his campaign mainly due to sickness. But all our sources on the ground said the idol worshipping leader is still on campaign trail. “Yahya Jammeh is employing an unusual campaign style. His sickness is not physical but mental. His only worry is seeing his once solid support waning fast. Jammeh is worried about his fate after an opposition coalition victory.” But Jammeh doesn’t sit down on his laurels and accept defeat. “His new campaign strategy is to sneak to the homes of prominent Mandinka elders in Farafenni and the neighboring areas and offer his personal apologies for hauling insults on their tribe. Desperate Jammeh is kneeling down before them, asking them to forgive him and give him the chance to complete his mission once and for all. Jammeh tells them he has gone through a rebirth,” our sources said. “It’s Jammeh’s own agents who are spreading mixed signals to throw the public into confusion. It’s all part of Jammeh’s tactics to divert public attention,” one source added. “Clearly, Jammeh is very unhappy as we speak. Let’s expose him because that’s what brings him down. He is trying to recover from the widespread leakage of his deep secrets.”



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