ColonelMalick Cissé in pain @

Colonel Malick Cissé in pains @

A retired Senegalese Colonel describes President Yahya Jammeh as “the sore teeth of Senegal that must be extracted.” Like many Senegalese and Gambians, Colonel Malick Cissé could not adjust with President Jammeh’s insult on past and present Senegalese leaders. Gambian leader’s misguided statement on Presidents Abdou Diouf, Abdoulaye Wade and Macky Sall has been causing gnashing teeth in Senegal. It has also thrown sensible Gambians into moments of shame and frustration.

The insult, spoken during President Jammeh’s so-called meet the people’s tour, has become the main subject of debate in Senegal. Already, some Senegalese have described Jammeh’s ststement as “a declaration of war” that deserves a fitting response. They called it the height of insult on their country and its leaders.

But Colonel Malick Cissé for now calls for restraint. He says that does not mean the “Crazy Banjul Teeth” will not be tackled.

“Senegal is a diplomatic country that should not respond to the donkey blows like those of a tyrant (Yaya Jammeh) who knows only violence,” Colonel Cissé tells

He says there is no need for the Senegalese government to meet its Gambian counterpart over the insult. “This will give importance to a man who does not deserve any. Yahya Jammeh is a mental patient, a dunce, a tyrant. A virus, a sore tooth that should be extracted from the mouth of Senegal,” he says. Colonel Cissé describes The Gambia as “an enclave in Senegal.”

Left to Colonel Malick Cissé alone Senegal would have long since pounded Yahya Jammeh. “If it were up to me, Yahya Jammeh who believes that all his problems are related to Senegal, would have been shelled.”



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