jammehPresident Yahya Jammeh’s close associates have blamed him for not being honest when he had publicly denied having any social media account, let alone browse it.

“President Jammeh needs to apologise for being dishonest to Gambians,” a close source told Kairo News. “HE knew he had lied when he denied surfing social media; he regularly twits, facebooks and even chats on hi5. Not long ago, he was chatting with someone on hi5,” our source disclosed.

“I want Gambians to know that their President is married to the social media. Let him be brave enough and dispute my statement, which will force me to spill the beans.”

In early January, President Jammeh disowned a Facebook statement on the December 30th failed coup.

Jammeh told Gambia television he was “surprised to know that there are people that went out of their way to say that I have a Facebook account; I don’t. I am not a member of any social medium platform; I don’t even browse and I don’t check because computer is so addictive. I will warn those doing it even if they have a good intention not to use my name because that is criminal.”

Gambian leader said “somebody was prosecuted for that; he called a general in Canada and told him that I was going to appoint him as Gambia’s Ambassador to Canada and the guy was almost about to come here. But we were able to trace the person, got him prosecuted and he is now in jail. So I don’t have any Facebook account; I don’t even browse and I don’t check because computer is so addictive. I will warn those doing it not to use my name even if they have a good intention because that is criminal.”


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